Why To Waste Time Waiting For Travelling The World

Travelling the world, this thought has been floating around in the head of many people for so long. There are so many great reasons for a travelling the world.

Why Do We Waste Our Time Making New Plans Over And Over Again?

To dream of traveling again and again, to look for flights or to draw up financial issues that will bring us to the point of being able to travel around the world? Why don’t we just take our courage and pack our things? Ok, not everyone is like that that they would go straight away and that for a year or even longer. Still: we are all not getting any younger. And we are not talking about the pandemic, which may someday cancel our plans, but rather all the excuses that we can come up with.  Now at a young age, it is easier to quit a job quickly and start from scratch after a year of traveling. Is that still possible in old age?

Travel is about the here and now and it cannot be planned, nor should it be postponed. We are in favor that we should live in the moment a lot more, jump out of our zone and just go for it. What do we have to lose?

travelling the world

Take A Trip Around The World: Take The Time For Yourself

An argument that is used in many ways by people who would like to travel but then don’t do so is time. No, I don’t have time for something like that right now”. That’s right, but who has time to travel through world history for a year? None. No one who doesn’t really set out to travel the world for a year or more will ever have the time. Every year there are new appointments that have to be kept, birthdays, weddings, school enrollments or girlfriends weekends – they happen every year and let’s be honest, will anyone tear your head off if you are not there. Those who feel like to have time for a trip around the world and it doesn’t always have to be a year. Sometimes a few weeks are enough to see a great part of the world.

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Go On A Trip Around The World

Do you think you have no money for a trip around the world and you want to wait for a better job in which you will earn more and have more money for the long awaited trip? Just think about it and listen to yourself: Would you later, when you have a dream job with a great salary, pack your things again and travel around the world? No? Correct. Because it is much easier to give up a job that is fun, but does not yet bring the huge salary. Of course you need money on the trip, but the cost of food and living are often cheaper, as in Asia, for example.


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