Beach towels, which are indispensable for summer holidays, sea and pool, are not only useful and absorbent, but also adorn beach bags with their fashion
and colorful shapes. The most important feature should be good water absorption. However, as the water absorbing feature increases, the thickness of the
towels also increases.

Peshtemals are the best alternative to beach towels and bath towels. The reasons why peshtemals are preferred are that they are easy to carry with
their light structures, take up little space, are always soft with their cotton texture, and are always stylish with their various colors and patterns.

Peshmod Peshtemals And Turkish Towels

Peshtemals and Turkish Towel Supplier Peshmod Peshtemals offer many alternatives with diamond, shaded, striped and printed varieties. Quality hand-woven
fabric meets various colors and adapts to the harmony of patterns. Quality hand-woven fabric meets various colors and adapts to the harmony of patterns.

You can direct the fashion with Peshmod Wholesale Peshtemals, which do not harden when washed and do not fade. It is also possible to use it as a bath
towel and mat as a pioneer of innovation in home decoration.

Bringing innovation and happiness to everyone, Turkish Beach Towels will change your mood. You can also visit
https://peshmod.com to meet peshtemals,
which also function as shawls, accessories and pareo in homes.

Handy Wholesale Turkish Beach Towels

Peshtemals, which you can easily use in yoga, gym and baby care, do not take up much space in your bag. Because they are light, they do not add weight.
They do not harm the environment because they are nature-friendly and organic. They are useful as they are good sweat and water absorbent.

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You can find peshtemals that you can easily use in baby care due to their soft texture and organic nature from Wholesale Turkish Towels Manufacturer
and manufacturer such as Peshmod.

Does Not Take Up Space in Your Suitcase

The biggest feature of suitcases prepared for the holidays is that they are very full. That’s why bulky and space-consuming beach towels make your
job difficult. Peshmod’s useful Turkish Beach Towels and Peshtemals are ideal for you. This will open up extra spaces both in your suitcase and in
your beach bag. With its thin structure that dries easily, it also stops being wet.

Give direction to beach fashion with bathrobe peshtemals without the need for pareo by combining with the most suitable colors for your swimsuit.
It will be difficult to choose from the chirpy colors and impressive patterns.

Production of Peshtemal and Turkish Beach Towels

Peshtemals woven on hand looms with traditional methods are generally the labor of Denizli women. Each peshtemal is carefully woven, checked and
packaged for you.

Peshtemal Towels, which have survived from the old Turkish palaces and Turkish baths, will be indispensable. Say goodbye to your old-style, thick
and bulky towels with quality yarn, striking colors and patterns, soft texture and water absorbency.

You can visit our website to review the peshtemals that you can’t give up after meeting, to get a wholesale Turkish Towel price quote and for
more information.


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