What To Do In Lebanon – What to See and Eat in Lebanon

This is a small Mediterranean country rich in historical sights. Lebanon charms its guests with great culture and unforgettable beauty landscapes. Several important landmarks are located in the city’s capital, Beirut. Grand Mosque is the oldest building in Lebanon. It was built during the Byzantine Empire and was built as a small church. The church was built by Crusaders, and at the end of the 13th century it was turned into a mosque. Martin’s house, located in the  city, is an important sight of wartime. The house was badly damaged during the war, as were most of the buildings in the area. One can see many damaged houses in this part of Beirut.

What Lebanon Is Famous For?


Lebanon has arguably the largest number of ancient cities in the world. Here is the beautiful city of Beirut, whose history begins thousands of years ago. Today, Beirut is the capital of Lebanon and the most densely populated city in the country. It is noteworthy that the exact number of their population is unknown. The last census was conducted in the city in the 30s.Beirut is characterized not only by its rich history, but also by its amazingly present. Ancient sights border on skyscrapers and respect for ancient and ancestral tradition does not prevent residents from moving with the times. The variety of great contrasts has given Beirut the title – Paris of the Middle East.

Best Things To Do In Lebanon

Pigeon Rocks are known as one of the most beautiful spots in the country. The rocks look like cliffs near the shore. The views from the rocks are breathtaking, especially at sunset. The city of Byblos is an important archaeological and historical place in the country. This city is home to several ancient settlements. Archaeologists have discovered here ruins of temples, royal tombs and several buildings built more than thousands of years ago. Ancient Romans were the first settlers on this land. There are landmarks that belong to more recent times in Gebal, such as the Crusaders’ Castle. The castle is built on a hill and is clearly visible from every part of the city.

International influences enrich the cuisine more and more. In recent years, people have been particularly impressed by the Lebanese cuisine. In the big cities you can find shawarma, falafel and hummus on every corner. But Lebanese cuisine has even more exciting taste experiences.

Jeita Cave

Jeita Cave is among the most striking sights of Lebanon. It is a two large limestone cave, the complete length of which is almost 10 kilometers. The lower cave was discovered quite a long time ago, in the first half of the 19th century. The scholars found out that this cave was inhabited in prehistoric times. You can get into the lower cave only by boat as it is filled with the underground river. It must be mentioned that the second cave is of great national importance because it serves as the main source of water for more than a million residents.

Baatara Waterfall

Baatara Waterfall is located in the Tannurin of Lebanon. It is characterized that its water falls into the limestone cave of the same name. The unique formation was discovered relatively recently, in 1952. Today, the waterfall, with a height of around 250 m, is one of the most striking sights in the country. The cave into which the waterfall falls is equally interesting. For centuries, water and wind influenced the cave of unique shape, in the depth of which three small limestone bridges were actually formed. The waterfall is behind the bridges. Overall, the complex looks basically irresistible.

Is Lebanon A Safe To Visit

Lebanon borders Syria to the north and east and Israel to the south. Foreign travelers will therefore arrive in Lebanon almost exclusively Beirut Airport. There, foreigners receive a visa upon arrival. According to the current situation, this visa is free of charge. A partial travel warning is currently in place for Lebanon. Business people continue to visit Beirut and the surrounding area regularly, although caution is advised when traveling to other parts of the country or visiting certain places in Beirut.


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