Travelex Insurance

Travelex offers a wide range of Travelex travel insurance package plans and several travel accident plans. Package plans include all expected benefits at good limits and affordable prices. Travel cancellation and deduction reasons are comprehensive.


In addition; it covers many situations such as job loss, terrorism, death of the target host or hospitalization, and so on. Travelex insurance services also envisage situations such as airplane accidents, car accidents, and illness. Therefore, it offers the necessary coverage in the event of these situations.


Thanks to Travelex vacation insurance, you can buy insurance at more affordable prices. With simple and comprehensive plans, your chances of getting travel insurance are very high!

Key Features of Travelex Travel Insurance

  • It is very easy to understand Travelex trip insurance plans and to choose prices.
  • It includes various scopes such as business, travel, and holiday in its plans and presents it to you.
  • The request procedure instructions are clear and included directly in the policy.

Optional Coverage in Travelex Annual Travel Insurance Plans

  1. Optional medical coverage adds $ 50,000 to medical expense coverage and $ 500,000 to medical evacuation coverage.


  1. It offers an optional Adventurer sports scope option. Participation in professional athletic events adds the exclusion waiver for travel on air-powered devices such as mountain climbing and hot air balloons.


  1. Optional Car rental crash coverage plan is up to $ 35,000 per plan for crash damage, storm, fire, or flood.

Travelex Travel Insurance plans

Basic, affordable protection for those who are affordable with convenient optional upgrades. A good travel insurance plan on public holidays and budget for individuals and families. Meets significant travel risks for trips of 30 days or less.

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Travel Choice

Multiple upgrades and good coverage for children under 18 do not incur additional charges. This is excellent family-friendly coverage for travel up to 364 days. Children under 18 years of age are free of charge when traveling with an adult. Multiple upgrades let you customize the plan to your needs. It is good coverage for all expected package plan advantages.


Travel Accident Plans


  1. Flight Insurance


This plan offers advantages for situations such as an airborne accident or death for travel of 180 days or less.


  1. Flight Insurance Plus


This is extensive flight accident, medical and evacuation coverage, with a few extras for trips of 180 days or less. This is for people who need a little more medical coverage for off-the-net costs and the benefits of accidental death and disintegration.

If you want to get a quote, you can visit the offical website of Travelex Insurance


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