Travel Insurance For The Over 60

For our recommendation of the best travel insurance for individuals over 60, we rely on results from the publications of well-known providers. In addition to the researches, this also includes the independent rating platform. We then combined the individual results from these studies and determined the possible travel insurance policies for seniors using the internal rating network.

Which Travel Insurance Should Seniors Need?

For our investigation, we examined two kinds of travel insurance for seniors: firstly, travel cancellation insurance and, secondly, global health insurance. Older people in particular should not plan their trip without these two insurance policies. Because the likelihood that a trip will have to be canceled at short notice due to an unforeseen illness or that a case of illness will occur during the trip is notably higher for older people.

Taking out private health insurance is a must-have, not only when traveling outside of Europe. For example, in the worst case, the cost of a patient return transport that may be necessary can amount to several thousands of dollars. Costs that the statutory health insurance companies do not pay for. Speaking of repatriation: When choosing a for private health insurance, you should make sure that the insurance covers the costs for a medically and not just a repatriation.

Due to the significantly higher probability of an insured event occurring, the providers unfortunately add a sometimes notably surcharge to their agreements if the policyholder is over a certain age. As a rule, this limit is at the age of 60 or 70 years. Not infrequently, this staggering continues and the deals become more expensive again when you reach the age of 75, 80. Some providers also set a higher age for insurance coverage.

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Single or Annual Rate? What Duration Is Recommended?

Planning your vacation without restrictions due to holidays or approval from your employer? No problem for people over 60. So it’s no wonder that, according to a study, seniors are considered world travel masters in Europe with around 30 million trips booked per year. Against this background, we have decided to recommend annual deals and not the individual ones of the providers. For frequent travelers in particular, it is advisable to take out annual insurance. Because these offer the most perfect value for money for seniors – despite the age supplements that are obligatory for most providers. Because if you make two trips a year, you can travel cheaper with an annual tariff than if you conclude two individual deals.

Is It Possible To Take Out Travel Insurance For Seniors Even With Previous Illnesses?

Usually, global health insurance or travel cancellation will never cover the costs of a foreseeable illness. This is the case, for example, in the course of existing pre-existing situations such as chronic back pain or diseases. Health restrictions that can be traced back to an aggravation of an existing pre-existing situation are therefore not covered by the insurance. A circumstance that should be considered before taking out global health insurance for seniors.


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