Travel Destinations For Your Next Vacation In A Camper

Those who travel by camper do not have to commit themselves to a certain type of travel. On a camping trip, you can arrange everything from a city trip to a hiking holiday. Because the flexibility and freedom that a camping holiday offers you is hard to beat. The only question that remains to be answered is where it should go! Are you without thoughts or overwhelmed by the many opportunities? We have selected some top travel destinations for your next vacation in a camper.

Camper Vacation In Sweden

For space and pure nature, head first to Northern Europe. A tour through Sweden promises a lot of fun for nature lovers. Whether islands, lakes, forests or glaciers: every outdoor lover can let off steam here. Due to its idyllic landscape, southern Sweden is a very trendy holiday destination with camper owners. There is a lot of great culture between the cities of Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Experience Scotland By A Camper

Scotland is made for those who like to travel by campers in the midst of scenic beauty and interesting history. The unique highlands, legendary lakes and quaint towns offer more than enough reason for a road trip. In addition to the world-famous lake Loch Ness, which has achieved fame with its monster for example. Head for other great waters such as Loch Lomond. This is the largest and is considered the most beautiful lake in Scotland. Its eastern bank in particular is a true heaven for hikers. There you can, for example, go on foot on the West Highland Way.

Discover Sardinia

A camper trip through Italy is a must visit holiday destination. The country is an experience in terms of cuisine, culture and last but not least, the landscape! But if you don’t want to stay on the mainland all the time, or if you have already explored it enough, Sardinia is a good destination.

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With The Camper To Lisbon

Every year, Portugal is a trend spot with campers. Because the country in the west of the Iberian Peninsula has everything your heart desires up its sleeve: seemingly endless stretches of coast, blue sea and lots of culture in exciting cities can be explored with the camper. Surfers are drawn to the Atlantic, where they can jump from bed into the waves in the morning. Or it goes to the Algarve. In the famous regions of the country you will find everything for a camping holiday: impressive beaches, cute towns and villages as well as rocky, surreal landscapes.


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