The Best Travel Insurance 80 Years Old and Over

When a well-deserved retirement is reached after a long working life, the desire to travel awakens in many people. Finally there is enough time to realize long-cherished holiday dreams and to travel the world. So that you can drive far away without any worries, walk along white sandy beaches and get to know other countries, you should definitely have one thing with you – the right insurance cover! Depending on the destination and the duration of the trip, your current protection may be sufficient or you may need to supplement it with additional protection. We have put together everything you need to know about good travel insurance for 80 years old and over here.

The Best Travel Insurance 80 Years Old and Over
The Best Travel Insurance 80 Years Old and Over

Travel In Retirement With The Right Health Insurance

The risk of getting sick while traveling abroad increases with age. In addition, an illness on holiday can quickly become a burden. Statutory health insurance usually only covers the costs of illness in some countries and even in these countries usually not all costs. Therefore, additional protection is necessary, especially for non-European travel destinations. Probably the most important travel insurance for seniors who are 80 is therefore international health insurance. If you are traveling for less than 2 months, travel health insurance is usually sufficient. If you want to travel longer, you usually need a specific tariff or health insurance that also covers longer stays abroad.

Whether it’s a short trip or a trip around the world lasting several weeks – with the right insurance for seniors, you are covered not only for the treatment costs but also for the return. Costs from chronic diseases or foreseeable treatments, on the other hand, are usually not covered. When choosing international health insurance, you should be aware that some insurers charge a surcharge or even set an age for insurance cover when the insured person reaches a certain age, because the probability of an insured event occurring increases.

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In addition to international health insurance, private accident insurance is another useful travel insurance for seniors over 80. This covers accidents worldwide and is therefore also advisable in connection with travel. Especially in old age, when the consequences of an accident can weigh more heavily, you should not do without this insurance cover.


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