Most Affordable Places To Live In Colorado

Colorado is not exactly lacking in scenic beauty: With its beautiful mountains, miles of trails and dozen of ski areas, Colorado is a great hotspot for nature lovers to live. But there are charming little towns at the heart of it all, with quirky, friendly locals, big breweries, and galleries that honor US culture.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Colorado?

The following should be explained on both questions: Locals are currently paying around $ 950 per month for 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom apartments. So it’s a relatively large home and also very new, built in 2007.


Manitou Springs is famous for its mineral water and is right at the foot of the Pikes Peak. Downtown is charming, with tree-lined streets and shops selling American art and jewelry. There are also eight fountains left, although design buffs are more influenced by Miramont Castle, which dates back to the Victorian era and features nine different designs. Any transport costs that may arise should also be taken into account when calculating the cost of living in Manitou. In large areas, students can usually get from A to B without any issuers using public transport. A monthly card costs an average of US $ 50-70. In some cases, there are additional discounts for students. Many universities in Colorado require students to take out health insurance in the US through the university. In some cases it is possible to be exempt from compulsory insurance. The prerequisite is that your own insurance covers all insurance benefits required by the university.



The restaurants and bars designed for student tariffs only shape a small part of the complete view of around 300 restaurants. Those who like to dine well will find pretty much all the cuisines in the world in Boulder, from the best fusion cuisine to upscale Spanish tapas to nice Italian diners. But Boulder is also known for its many breweries. With its approx. 100,000 inhabitants, it is no longer the dreamy mountain village of yore – it is now a great city. With approximately 25,000 to 30,000 students, the Colorado University of Boulder is one of the largest and most recognized institutions in the western United States.

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