Mexican National Dish – What To Eat In Mexico

Mexican food is world famous. Tacos, enchiladas are on par with in many countries. Some great delicious dishes come from the country of origin of chillies, tomatoes, chocolate and corn. Even if you’re a regular at your Mexican diner, the food in Mexico will surprise you.

You’ll be looking for burritos, fajitas and chilli con carne in Mexico for a long time. Tacos only come with soft corn batter. Many of the dishes we know as Mexican are from the American Southwest. If you’re traveling to Mexico or want to eat original Mexican food, read on for classic Mexican dishes.

Hardly any Mexican dish can do without three ingredients: corn, beans and chiles. Beans are used as a filling or as an accompaniment as bean paste frijoles refritos. Chiles can be mild like peppers. As a jalapeño, they are a hot spice. Corn is most commonly eaten in the form of tortillas, the Mexican flat bread.

The simplest and most well known Mexican dish is a taco. You roll 1-2 tortillas around a meat dish with a salsa, onions and cilantro. The taco is ready. Tacos are classic street food. According to an old joke, all Mexican dishes are usually tacos, just folded differently. For tortilla dishes, that’s true, and there are a lot of tortilla dishes out there!

Quesadillas and Gringas

Tortillas stuffed with meat or cheese and fried. Order quesadillas con queso in the country, or you’ll likely get meat-filled quesadillas without cheese. Names and sizes vary by region.

Mexican National Dish - What To Eat In Mexico
Mexican National Dish – What To Eat In Mexico


Folded tortillas filled with meat, vegetables or cheese are topped with a sauce and served with rice and beans. Enchiladas are a cheese casserole.

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Huevos A La Mexicana

Scrambled eggs with onions, chiles and tomatoes are eaten with rice and beans. An option  with a fried egg on a tortilla is called huevos rancheros. Meat and fish are very important in Mexican cuisine. Meat predominates in mountainous regions and northern Mexico, and fish and seafood in coastal areas.

Al Pastor

Tacos al pastor are like shawarma kebabs but with pork. Probably the most well known one of meat in Mexico is an import from Lebanon.

Red/Green Chile Sauce

“Red or green?” is the main question at a New Mexico diner. Red is milder, green is tastier and sharper. Original chile from Hatch is the hottest.


Sliced pork is slowly simmered in banana leaves in an earth oven and served with Mayan orange-achiote sauce. Especially trend in Yucatan.

How Is Mexican Street Food?

You can find street food in every major place in the country, especially in the market and around the Plaza de Armas. Tamales, tacos of all kinds, and other dishes you can eat with your hands are classic street food. Torterias and taquerias in busy places like stations and markets also offer cheap and quick food. There is more choice here because you sit down and eat with cutlery.


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