Kiev To Get To Know

Since independence was declared in 1991, old Kiev has shone in the new, fascinating magnificence of a European capital. The boulevard Khreschatyk is experiencing a heyday – no wish remains unfulfilled. The Ukrainian food and the nightlife – you will love it. At the weekend, the 100 m wide front sometimes becomes a walker zone. Kiev is worth a trip at any time of the year! Today’s Kiev with almost 3 million inhabitants is one of the three greenest cities in Europe. Get ready to organize your Kiev trips. The mother of all Slavic cities is also the largest city in Ukraine.

Saint Sophia Cathedral

It is considered one of the most outstanding buildings of Christian culture. The construction of the building started at the beginning of the 11th century. Over the centuries, the cathedral has been repeatedly destroyed, rebuilt and expanded. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage for 32 years. Saint Sophia is famous for its 11th-century patchwork and frescoes.

River Dnieper

One of the most imposing and nice monuments of the country. The monastery is also called Lavra and looks like a small town governed by clearly defined laws and regularities of monastic life. Lavra was the center of Christianity in the Kievan – Russian time. From the Dnieper you can already catch a glimpse of the cave monastery. On the way from the airport into the city, you can glimpse the domes on the heights of Kiev, sparkling with the sun. Not far from there is the Motherland statue, which is still similar to the Soviet past and may not fit the religious habitat of the monastery at all.

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Maydan Nezalezhnosti

The Maidan is the emblem of the Ukrainians struggle for freedom – Independence Square. It is the main and probably the largest square in the capital. For many, the place certainly says something from recent Ukrainian history. Demonstrations were and are well known here. The Independence Column with its lady at the top is the symbol of the square that can be seen from afar. Children play at the fountain of the founders of Kiev. A relaxed, but also depressing ambience.


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