Enjoy The New Year’s Eve Cruise In Istanbul

No matter who you ask about the hotspot for a great New Year’s city trip in 2023, you will hear the name of a metropolis again and again. Istanbul is particularly well known and completely trend at the moment. The city on the Bosporus is a great highlight, because in the middle of the historic city you will experience a good and varied nightlife and a wide range of opportunities for going out and sightseeing. 

Nowhere else in the world do you live in a city that is on two continents. Within a short time you are on your way from Europe to Asia by a cruise and enjoy a nice view of the city skyline and the famous Bosphorus Bridge. Today we want to show you why you should definitely spend New Year’s Eve party cruise in Istanbul this year. There are several reasons for this.  Depending on your budget and requirements, Acetes travel offers a great party for every taste;

  • special menu for the new years eve, including cocktails 
  • Music and dancing activities in a luxury boat with a night show
  • Midnight unlimited beverages
  • The transfer to your hotel

One thing is very clear: nothing works on Istanbul New Year’s Eve without a hearty fireworks display. Because when you look up at the sky with your loved ones and friends and greet the new year with a glass of sparkling wine and lots of hugs, the colorful lights over the cruise should not be missing. 

For a more intimate experience, take a midnight boat ride via Acetes travel. Here you will experience a dinner, live music and other performances that you will not soon forget. Pass under the bridges along Istanbul dinner party skyline and the city’s beautiful landmarks. There are many offers for this.  So you are on the cruise and will be entertained and cared for the new year. This way you can focus your full attention on the environment and your friends. Of course, this luxury will let you experience Istanbul in an exclusive way.

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