Colombia National Dish – What To Eat In Colombia

Colombia is a diverse and beautiful country with a unique and distinct culture. Food is a big part of this culture, and the country boasts an abundance of delicious dishes. From traditional staples to unusual treats, the cuisine of Colombia isn’t to be missed.

Bandeja Paisa

One of the most classic Colombian dishes is the bandeja paisa. This hearty dish is typically served for breakfast and consists of beans, chicharrón fried pork belly, chorizo, eggs, sweet plantains, arepa or patacón, avocado, and perhaps even some additional treats. It’s served hot and provides a good supply of energy for the day ahead.

Colombia National Dish - What To Eat In Colombia
Colombia National Dish – What To Eat In Colombia


Ajiaco is another popular dish in Colombia. It’s a unique and delicious soup typically served with large portions of chicken, potatoes, corn, and a unique Colombian herb called guasca. This soup is often served with a helping of white rice or capers – the choice is up to you.


Arepas are a type of cornmeal bread that is incredibly popular in Colombia. It’s typically served as a side or snack, but it can also be filled with cheese, meat, eggs, or any type of filling. They make for a great meal anytime of the day.

Café Tinto

As for drinks, you can find a variety of traditional beverages throughout the country. The most popular is probably café tinto (black coffee). This is served in small cups called “tinto tazas” and is usually accompanied with sugar and milk. Another classic Colombian drink is aguapanela, a beverage made out of sugar cane and panela.

If you find yourself in Colombia you have to try the country’s renowned cuisine. What makes the food of Colombia so special is the mix of flavors, textures, and colors that make it unique. From the traditional staples to the unique traditional dishes, this is a country where the food is definitely something to experience.

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