Cities To Spend Christmas Vacation

Christmas in a picture book, how about that? If the view from your window doesn’t bring a festive mood, why not spend your Christmas vacation somewhere else! The most beautiful cities for Christmas Vacation: Here are some travel destinations with a special Christmas atmosphere – snow covered alleys, Christmas markets, old cities, sparkling lights and festive designs in the most beautiful cities in Europe for Christmas.

Rovaniemi, One Of The Most Beautiful Cities For Christmas

Where do St. Nicholas journeys actually begin? In the far north, that’s for sure. The refuge was discovered at some point and it has been open to visitors all year round: the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. Here you have snow for romantic sleigh rides during your travel over the holidays and you can bring your wish list to Santa Claus.

White Christmas in Salzburg

If you don’t have a one day off vacation left for Christmas, you can of course also travel to Salzburg at a different time of the year, because there is a Christmas atmosphere here 365 days a year. Why? Because the whole city, including the banks and the castle looks so cute and polished that it could even stand in a giant snow globe .Speaking of snow: Your chances of a white Christmas in Salzburg are high.

Christmas Vacation

Colmar For Christmas And Weekend Break

The picturesque town of Colmar is just as good for a weekend break over the holidays as it is for a whole week of Christmas travel – there is so much to see here, not least the Christmas markets, one of which is more beautiful than the other. The market around the Dominican Church, whose huge, squeaky colored glass windows start to sparkle great at dusk. And if you want to celebrate big on your Christmas holiday, you can drive in half an hour by rental car to nearby Strasbourg, where one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe with more than 300 stalls fills the entire old town.

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One Of The Largest Christmas Tree Is In Rome

Which Christmas tree is the largest? In any case, the one from St. Mark’s Square in Rome has a considerable height, is also in a prominent area in front of the Vatican – a top spot for a selfie greeting that you can send to loved ones at home from your Christmas trip. What else? You will be amazed at how festively the shopping streets are presented to you in Christmas.


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