Can Americans Travel To Spain

Spain attracts more than five and a half million foreign tourists who have made Spain their permanent address. Spain’s growing expatriate makes up more than 10 % of the population. Although dominated by British, a growing amount of US citizens are moving to Spain. The majority of US expats moving to Spain are retirees, mostly sun-seekers drawn to the nice places of Spain on the Mediterranean coast. Located in southern Spain, the Costa del Sol is famous for its desirable weather, low cost of living and laid-back lifestyle.

Can A US Citizen Buy A Property In Spain?

Definitely yes! There are no restrictions for any citizen from any country to buy property in Spain. Both residents and non-residents can buy property in Spain.

How Long Can US Citizens Stay In Spain?

US citizens can visit Spain for up to 3 months days without applying for a visa. However, after 180 days, US citizens can re-enter the country and stay for 3 months. This rule also applies to the rest of the EU, where US citizens can visit any country within the EU for up to 3 months in any time.


Can US Citizens Live In Spain?

Yes, that is definitely. A visa is not required for visits up to 3 months. However, a visa is required if you intend to live, study or work in Spain for more than this period. You must apply for a visa at the Embassy in your country prior to your arrival in Spain. Once in Spain, you have 90 days to apply for the permit from the Ministry of the Interior. After a time of five years of residency in Spain, you are entitled to apply for the right to permanent residency. Residency allows you to live and work in Spain for any time. After ten years in Spain, you are eligible to apply for citizenship, which gives you the same rights as Spanish citizens. A shortcut to the ten-year waiting is to marry a Spanish citizen.

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Is It Cheaper To Live In Spain Than In The US?

Home prices in Spain are notably cheaper than the same properties in the United States. According to platform, you can save 80% in Spain if you compare the average cost of a three-bedroom home in Madrid to New York. Even in Spain’s most expensive city, Madrid, you can still save up to. Now when you compare Spain’s most well known region, the savings are even greater!


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