Brow Lift Surgery Procedures

Due to aging, flexibility in facial tissues decreases and sagging occurs. This causes your forehead and eyebrows to drift towards the eyelids. Horizontal lines on the forehead cause a sleepy, unhappy or tired face appearance, and vertical lines in the middle of the eyebrows cause an angry appearance. Surgeries known as forehead lift or brow lift aim to give the eyes and forehead a more vigorous and energetic look and rejuvenate this area.


How are brow lift surgeries performed?


Many different methods can be applied in brow lift surgery, but the most common and popular method today is the procedures that are performed with the help of small and thin cameras called endoscopes, without making any incisions and leaving no scars. In endoscopic eyebrow lift surgeries, it is possible to perform the surgery by opening small holes at several different points in the inner parts of the scalp without causing almost any bleeding and leaving a scar. Thanks to this method, the scar formation that occurs in the old methods are prevented and the recovery period is much shorter with less swelling.


On the other hand, it is possible to lift eyebrows with botox applications. Botox application is an advantageous application in terms of being fast and simple, but the effect of botox is not permanent.


What is the healing period after brow lift surgery?


Band-dressing is applied around your eyebrows and forehead after brow lift or forehead lift surgery. During this period, you can help the edema go down faster by applying a cold compress to your forehead. In the postoperative period, swelling may occur on your forehead, but bruising is not a common condition. You can wash your hair on the 3rd day of your surgery. Your stitches will be removed on the 7th day after the operation. You may experience difficulty moving your eyebrows and forehead and numbness in your forehead temporarily after the surgery. This situation is expected within the normal healing process of the surgery.

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