Best Tips For Staying In A Pet-Friendly Airbnb

Summer is here! And with it thousands of opinions and dreams for the next trip. With a pet, of course, because we want to take our darlings with us everywhere. Perhaps you are even planning a holiday with your dog and child? The search for the right pet-friendly place can already be exhausting. How about private accommodation with pets instead? Whether it’s Airbnb, bed and breakfast, or home swapping, there are many exciting chances for pet-friendly vacations!

However, there are more and more chances to travel with pets. More individual holidays and spontaneous trips are trend. Since operators usually only allow pets with written consent, some prefer to travel by car or even have a camper. Those who like to cook for themselves and like silence avoid hotels and try to find private accommodation. Read below which accommodation with pets is really worthwhile.

Best Tips For Staying In A Pet-Friendly Airbnb
Best Tips For Staying In A Pet-Friendly Airbnb

Airbnb, Home Swapping and Camping

Private accommodation with pets, holiday homes can be booked through Airbnb. You can get in touch with the owners themselves or use user-friendly filter tools to search for and book the right and pet-friendly holiday home. The great thing: you will find the craziest accommodations with pets, whether for a city with a dog or for a trip to the countryside.

If you want an even more intimate holiday experience, you can even swap houses on some measures. They have to find a destination for this and in return they can provide their own home. If you wish, you can get in touch with other holidaymakers on your travel destination. Accommodation with a pet can also be found with it, all that is required is a detailed agreement with the exchange. 

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Spontaneous journeys without a destination can also be a lot of fun. It is usually not necessary to book in advance. By default, you stay one night in the accommodation, but you can often stay longer by arrangement. It is important that the hosts of the accommodation agree with pets – some also have cats in the bed & breakfast or dogs themselves. The trend itself is particularly widespread in Europe, but has meanwhile established itself in many countries. You can usually recognize such accommodation by a small sign in front of the house, on the fence or in the front yard. This indicates that a room is available. The offer is aimed at people passing through who need a place to stay for the night. 


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