Best Overseas Medical Insurances

In cooperation with the Finance Institute, an extensive test for foreign health insurance was set up. The focus was on the price-performance ratio of the insurances. Both single and family insurances were examined. A special feature this year: It was also assessed whether the current medical insurances provide for benefit exclusions in the event of pandemic.

Independent tests and comparisons always offer a good way for the insurance selection, as proven experts carry out an assessment according to the subject. However, such medical insurances must inevitably remain general. The best insurance is not necessarily the one that fits personally.

What Should Be Considered Before Comparing Insurance Policies?

Before making the comparison, you should answer the question of which foreign health insurance is required. That depends on the situation, the purpose and the length of your stay. Any insurance coverage that may already be covered by your health insurance must also be taken into consideration.

Travel health insurance is often provided for with cards. That applies at least to the platinums for example. There are mostly travel medical insurances that also include foreign health insurance. What exactly this includes depends on the provider or their insurance. Here too, you should first take a look at the insurance. There is usually no insurance cover for the cards. If there are still gaps in insurance or there is no insurance coverage, the next step is to compare different offers and providers. A market and overview, current overview results or an insurance comparison help.

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The Services In Comparison

When comparing, you should not only look at the price, but also at the performance. The cheapest provider is not always the best. Only the price-performance comparison leads to a meaningful result. Important matter is the reimbursement of costs for:

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• outpatient medical treatments
• Dental treatments
• inpatient stays
• Costs for accompanying relatives during patient repatriation

What’s peculiarly essential is the structure for the requisites. Some wellness insurances also furnish for incapacity and dying benefits (for funeral costs), transitional advantages in the occasion of longer ailment or daily clinic allowance. These are additives that hardly ever come into play and that you simply should recollect how fundamental they are.


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