Best Canada Trip Photos

Beautiful Canada Travel Photos

Last night’s sunset mission was insane. Rock Dunder is about 20 minutes passed Smiths Falls just south of Ottawa, and has the most incredible panoramic view over the lake I’ve yet to see. We spent a couple minutes completely silent and entranced at our surroundings. The chirps of the birds that carry across the river, the golden hues, and the warm summer breeze made it an evening that I won’t forget.
If you decide to head here, don’t do it in sandals or flip-flops. The hike is nearly 4km long and much of it is over rocks, roots, and steep sections. I’d even recommend a headlight if you want to stay after sunset just to make the hike back a little bit easier in the dark. Overall, this is my favourite lookout that I’ve been to this summer and I do plan on going back again 😊
Oh also, don’t forget to bring a reusable trash bag with you to collect little bits of litter along the way!

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