Africa – On The Warmest Continent On Earth

Africa is home to the largest land animals in the world. Watching lions, elephants and many other animals in the nature is a unique feeling: Feel the combination of awe and delight when you face the giants for the first time in Africa. During a drive, keep an eye out for clouds of dust on the skyline, with a bit of luck a herd of snorting buffalo approaches and make the earth shake. The long-necked giraffes present themselves with their long, blue tongues also causing laughter. Experience Africa in a beautiful way: Book a safari with a flight and a lodge in a national park.

Amazing Landscapes

The climate is shaped by the equator. Semi-arid steppes and desert areas cover large stretches of land. However, there are also savannas as well as dry and rainforests, because some regions are marked by a great profusion of water. The most inland waterway is Lake Victoria, which stretches across three countries. The Okavango Delta was named a World Heritage Site 7 years ago. The largest wetland habitat on the continent has flooded landscapes, fringed islands and estuary branches. If you want to discover crocodiles and hundreds of species of birds in the continent, the Okavango delta is spot on. The Victoria Falls are also part of the world heritage.


Heavenly Adventures

Get to know an unknown world on your Africa tour, also spend the nights in a national park of your choice! The sky turns glowing red when the sun sinks towards the skyline, trees and animals look like shadow images in the play of colors. The sunset alone is overwhelming, but a look at the night sky crowns the importance. Millions of stars sparkle in the firmament. A night safari enables a great experience of African landscape, because when it gets dark, different animals are agile than during the day. Leopards and lories are among the species whose drift is worth observing.

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The National Parks

There are far more than 350 parks in the continent, all of which are home to amazing animals, and the protected areas with elephants are very exciting. Large populations can be found on the east coast and the south west coast of Africa.


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